Dr. Tom Blount

Teaching Fellow, Web and Internet Science, University of Southampton

I am a post-doctoral teaching fellow working in the Web and Internet Science group at the University of Southampton. My research interests cover game design, human-data interaction, narrative systems, gamification, crowdsourcing, and social argumentation.

In my free time I enjoy game development, boardgames, creative writing, and creating Let's Play videos.


My PhD work focused on examining how people argue on the world wide web, particularly on different types of social media. There has been a lot of work done in the areas of formal and logical argumentation in the past; however, it doesn't always value the types of social (or anti-social) argument prevalent on the social web

Currently, I am working on a number of research projects, covering topics such as Human-Data Interaction and crowdsourcing



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Research Projects

Data Stories

Engaging with data in a post-truth environment

They Buy For You

Developing smart data solutions for procurement analytics


Fostering data driven innovation in European cities


Critical Admission

An Operation-like game, made for the Something Awful Game Jam 2015, with Jonathan Scott, David Millard, Priyanka Singh, Devasena Prasad, and Melanie Ehrlich


A Southampton-themed take on the classic game, Monopoly

Bar Chart Ball

A data-game based on the work of Julian Togelius (play the original here)

Picture Switcher

A casual puzzle game - rotate the pixel-cloud to reveal the hidden picture

Late Start

A text-based adventure game, made for the Global Game Jam '22 on the theme of 'Duality', with Meagan Russell



A system for creating location-aware narratives in virtual space - in this case, Minecraft

Fractal Narratives

Fractal Narratives are built by inserting story between existing story fragments, creating a potentially infinitely complex narrative


A Twitter bot that generates descriptions and images of fictional planets (see the code at CheapBotsDoneQuick.com)


A Discord bot that adds a furry friend to your server (add it here)

RPG Tools

A collection of digital tools such as dice-rollers and name-generators, for playing tabletop RPGs

Steg. Tools

For an undergrad project I developed a set of tools for steganography - the art of hiding messages in plain sight

Video and Presentations

Research Talks

A series of talks, seminars and presentations of my research

Landric Plays

My Let's Play channel, featuring a range of strategy and simulation games


To provide feedback for Game Design & Development students, we play their games and talk about them

My PhD in 20 Minutes

A very brief overview of the work I undertook during my PhD on (anti-)social argumentation on the web

VR/AR Tutorial

A tutorial on virtual and augmented reality I gave, along with some simple exercises you can try


We Must Dissent

A sci-fi tale of a colony lost on an alien world, written with Lewis Reading


A short story about different kinds of love, written with Meagan Russell

Hey. Are you there?

A short story about trying to support a friend



Teaching Fellow

Multiple Courses, University of Southampton

I currently teach on a variety of undergraduate courses at the University of Southampton, including Game Design and Development (COMP3218) and have previously taught several others, including Data Visualisation (COMP6234). As a Teaching Fellow, my responsibilities include giving lectures, assisting in practical lab sessions, setting and marking coursework, and giving feedback to students, as well as supervision of PhD students in the Web and Internet Science lab.

February 2022 - Present

Research Fellow

Web and Internet Science Group, University of Southampton

As a Research Fellow in the Web and Internet Science group at the University of Southampton, I have worked on a number of national and international research projects, covering the domains of game design, human-data interaction, narrative systems, gamification, and crowdsourcing. During this time I also elected to take on a number of additional teaching duties.

June 2017 - February 2022

Global Game Jam


Since 2015, I've been a part of organising the Southampton site of the annual Global Game Jam, an event in which over 150 people from all over the county come together and (in tandem with people all around the world), try to make a physical or digital game in under 48 hours, on a given theme.

January 2015 - Present


University of Southampton

PhD Computer Science
September 2013 - October 2018

University of Southampton

MEng Computer Science
1st class
September 2009 - July 2013