Rules & How to Play

The Game System

While not a "system" per-se, there will still be a means by which we monitor areas in which your colony has been particularly successful or lacking. Any event which affects your colony in some significant way, or any of the colony's projects or undertakings which do so, will confer a plus (if positive) or a minus (if negative) in an appropriate area. Your colony's capabilities going forward will depend on the number and type of pluses and minuses you have received.

For instance: Player One completes a borehole project designed to retrieve useful metal ores from deep underground. Unfortunately, this was beneath a local rock feature that his colonists particularly liked which had to be levelled for the project to get underway. For completing the project, Player One's colony receives +Production and +Resources, but also -Happiness and -Environment. He now has an amount of extra resources he will be able to trade to other players, and his colony's production capacity has also increased, but at the cost of upsetting his colonists, increasing the likelihood and severity of unrest or rebellion if steps are not taken to calm his colonists in the future (if he cares about that).

These have no solid numerical benefit to them, but will be taken into account when we look at your colony's administration posts. We may not necessarily notify you of when you receive a plus or minus, but if we feel that there is something in your week's administration post that either benefits from previously-received pluses, or is penalised (perhaps even to the point of impossibility) because of minuses, we will try and let you know. In either case, you may be entitled to edit your administration post in hindsight.

Pluses may disappear over time as your relative advantage over other colonies diminishes as they improve. Minuses may be more permanent, and can bestow themselves multiple times or affect other areas of your colony if not expressly dealt with (if they are severe). Otherwise, general colony expansion will mitigate and remove accrued minuses. As we will not always tell you when you have received one of these, pay attention to our outcome posts, as they will give a good indication of what has happened, and what events have caused to happen.

To reiterate; these are not solid. This is mainly a more concrete means of allowing us to keep track of the areas that particular colonies are suffering or excelling, and to resolve issues between colonies and the outcomes of specific events in a way that makes sense for each colony. You are by all means allowed to challenge our decisions if you feel that we have not correctly awarded you for extensive work in an area. However, we will try to be as fair and as logical as possible. The spirit of the rules, as they say, is more important than the rules themselves.

On that note, your colonies will not start off as production powerhouses, universally-liked, or a social utopia, or any apex that you care to imagine - we will be fair, but we expect reasonable progress from each of you, not immediate undertaking of grand secret projects like an earthquake machine. We reserve the right to tell you what is and isn't possible.

Examples of plus/minus benefits and drawbacks:

This is by no means an exhaustive list of all pluses and Minuses, and serves only to give you an idea of what the system does and how it works.