Rules & How to Play

Interaction With Other Players

Interacting In-Character

Messages sent by conventional radio broadcast decay into indecipherable static over long distances on Aurora, which places a maximum range on communication conducted by that means. This is illustrated on the local terrain map. In order to send information to another colony, they must either be within this radius, or the signal must be sent to an intermediate colony for signal boosting. If this is the case, you must send the communication to that player's colony first. What they do with it then is out of your control.

For example: Player One wishes to send a message about organising a trade agreement to Player Three. They are not within clean signal range of each other, but Player Two is in a position to act as a relay. Player One sends the message to Player Two, asking that it is forwarded on to Player Three, and extending the trade agreement to them also. Little does Player One realise that Player Two secretly hates them, and so he reconfigures the signal with a transmission of his own, making it look as if Player One has just declared war on Player Three. What Player Three chooses to make of this is anyone's guess.

There are, of course, ways around this. It might be possible to lay a landline cable between colonies, or send a diplomatic envoy in person - of course, each of these options has drawbacks of their own...

Interacting Out-Of-Character

Each player's colony thread is readable by anyone, but the information contained within is strictly out-of-character knowledge. If we catch anyone making decisions based off of knowledge they do not actually have in-game, we will point it out and ask for it to be rectified. Until you have a diplomatic presence in other colonies, their general status will be unknown to you in-game.

If you wish to undertake secret projects that you do not want other players knowing even out-of-character, such as espionage, PM either of us. If it is not posted in your administration post, or sent to us in a PM, then it doesn't happen, no exceptions.