DESIGNATION: "The Suboptimals"


The Suboptimals seem to seek isolation to start society in a way that pleases them, and with no apparent wish to encroach on Phoenix's territory, subvert its populace or destroy its property, they present no current danger. Their particular version of society is different to our own, and whilst there are many amongst them who embrace it wholeheartedly, we cannot tell whether or not someone will seek to twist its intentions somehow in the future, and where that will lead if it happens.

Whilst their desire to separate has led to nonviolent disagreements between our own command personnel and their leaders, we cannot rule out peaceful discourse or exchange once they have more fully established themselves. Reports indicate they have no proclivity or desire for militarisation or conflict, so could be considered for subjugation and reintegration should their new societal model fail them.

ADDENDUM: Their social network prototype forms an important backbone of their society, and as such presents an extensive weakness. Central Computation alongside research from Archivist Rem and individuals within the C.I.R. indicates that methods to both support and cripple this network are both obtainable and deployable should they be required.