DESIGNATION: "The Breakers"


The "Breakers" are aptly named. They appear to be highly motivated, highly aggressive and utterly incapable of responding to reason. Concomitant to their assault on critical Phoenix infrastructure, they are designated dangerous criminals to be shot or apprehended on sight. They have interpreted this as a reason to resist, and thus are directly working towards our downfall. Whilst they are comparatively unarmed, they are still revolutionaries and cannot be assumed to remain inert for long.

Their figurehead appears to have generated an acute sense of self-empowerment within the populace he has managed to subvert. This may or may not lead him to eventually be deposed by his own revolution. However, the implosion of their nascent society cannot be guaranteed. Until such a time as they all degenerate far enough to turn on each other, they should be treated with utmost caution.

NOTE: James Swanson has proven time and again impossible to capture. All security forces are to terminate him on sight unless otherwise instructed.

ADDENDUM: The Breakers have won over Phoenix Chief Engineer Gray, and as such are now to be treated with even greater caution. With insider knowledge about the internal functions of the colony, they pose a significant threat which must be neutralised as a top priority should they begin to overstep their bounds. It is unknown at this time if Ms. Gray can be returned to our side.