DESIGNATION: "The Arcminds"


Former Research Co-Ordinator Derran has remained with us to allow his "students", for lack of a better phrase, to leave Phoenix with a bounty of highly-sensitive electronic equipment and the AIDA quantum supercomputer many of them were tasked originally with building. Whilst they undoubtedly subscribe to the principle of "Knowledge is power", they currently are presumed to possess inadequate facilities to capitalise on this. The Arcminds will become a more serious threat as time goes on if left unchecked, but can potentially be reminded of their intelligence to co-operate with us should they be appropriately pressured or threatened. Time will tell if the deal made was to our advantage.

Derran will most likely attempt to feed them information on us via whatever means are open to him. We will allow him this courtesy; he is assisting us with non-sensitive research and can be detained or terminated at any time should he attempt to steal or send classified information to the Arcminds or any other revolutionary cell. One member of the Central Command security team suggested purposefully-lax security around his quarters to make him think he is not being monitored. This proposal is currently under further consideration.