DESIGNATION: "Sons of Artorius"


Cyrus' capacity to poison key personnel against us, such as Dr. Sparks from the Biological Laboratories and Lieutenant Khadaji of our own former security detail, places him amongst the list of priority targets for elimination or neutralisation, and at least should be placed under covert observation as soon as is physically possible. Parallels have been drawn between the "Breakers" and the Sons, but it is evident that Cyrus' goals extend much further. With Khadaji and a number of former security personnel on his side, the tactical information available to him will be considerably greater than many of the other seceding groups.

His ideals seem to be more robust than the vague sense of revolution that the Breakers' leader James Swanson has instilled in his followers, and it is to be assumed that he commands a greater degree of loyalty as a result. Likewise, all initial reports indicate that he may well be as capable a tactician as we fear, and any attempt to directly confront him or his co-conspirators may well fail.

Reports advise that all activity of the Sons be monitored, and treated as a potential threat unless provable otherwise.

ADDENDUM - MESSAGE FROM RESEARCH CO-ORDINATOR: We are worried about the work that Dr. Sparks took with her when she left. She left little behind. All of her live samples are missing. We need this back, Vedette! Authorise more resources to Bio Labs at least, so we can fix this problem ourselves!