DESIGNATION: "Freehaven"


NOTE: Threat level reclassified from VERY LOW to MEDIUM following review.

NOTE: Threat level review pending.

Whilst initial reports determined that Freehaven possessed no danger to Phoenix at all, remaining members of the Council have accepted a theory submitted to them that Freehaven, either purposefully or indirectly, will gain new followers from the other dissenting groups and ourselves with unfathomable swiftness. Their promises of luxury and a better life appeal to more primal instincts, and present a more compelling argument than even the grandest visions of the future. This is undoubtedly an empty promise, but even a hint of home at this point is enough to intoxicate the minds of any weary colonist.

The means by which this slow subversion will act are unknown at this point, and analysis on how this will affect loyalty in the other dissenters is still speculation and conjecture. We cannot afford to lose any more colonists to sedition or revolution - attempts will have to be made to shield the population of Phoenix from Freehaven culture. Close observation, where possible, will be conducted regarding any ideological decay or conflict in breakaway groups to determine if Freehaven's "opportunities" can weaken the determination of our most threatening foes.