DESIGNATION: "Cult of the Serene"


PRIORITY: No individual from Ceres is allowed inside Phoenix without submitting to full medical examination. Failure to submit to examination will result in termination.

NOTE: Threat system cannot account for quarantining.

Whilst the former research detail and the new colonists of Ceres are not apparently openly interested in warfare or a goal that requires militaristic action, the detected release of some kind of pathogen into the colony means that it must be placed under quarantine until more details can be gained. This pathogen, whatever it is, harmless or otherwise, cannot be allowed within the walls of Phoenix.

As a result, our own information on the Cult is minimal. Their name suggests a religious bent, which could lead to further problems. Without initial surveillance we will be unable to monitor their scientific progress and thus unable to accurately assess their threat going forward until a safer means of observation can be found. Ceres was initially a research outpost, so their formal separation from Phoenix might be little more than exactly that - a formality - and once the pathogen is eliminated, potential reintegration can be discussed.

CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICER'S NOTE: Dispersal vectors seem to be too precise for a natural outbreak. I'd guess it was engineered. We have a traitor, maybe?