DESIGNATION: "Aurora's Children"


Those who follow the Children, or are indeed a part of them, fail to understand that religious indoctrination is as insidious a control mechanism as any other. Whilst they are lost within their own little fanatical world, they will follow their masters blindly, and as such we cannot ascertain that the Children pose no threat going forwards. Some of these will be so converted that they may never be returned to sanity and thus can never be reintegrated into Phoenix society.

The Phoenix Central Council regrets that a large number of our more junior colonists have been swayed by Ovate Bridget, and understands that no individual is capable of exhibiting more zeal than one with a mind that has yet to fully experience life. We have not found a way around this yet - many of our remaining colonists had a personal hand in raising some of our younger companions, and cannot be expected to turn a weapon on them should the need arise. Likewise, members of the Children may fight with the knowledge that such a person needs their protection - and will be a formidable opponent.

Whilst the Children are clearly religious, they have not forsaken technology, and seem to have an interest in it. Their aims are as yet unclear beyond what they have openly preached, and within that information is very little on what their leaders and figureheads actually want.