Hi there! I'm Tom, and I'm a postgraduate student in the Web and Internet Science group at the University of Southampton. If you're interested in what I get up to in the lab, hop over to the Research page.

I'm originally from Leicester in the midlands, but I moved down to Southampton for my undergraduate course. During my degree, I did a lot of work on mobile and secure systems, particularly forensics. This culminated with a project in my third year examining the uses of computerised steganography (the art of sending hidden messages). I enjoy programming in Python and Java, but I've also dabbled in Perl, C and some Javascript and PHP.

During the summers of '11 and '12 I worked as an intern with the WAIS group on some really interesting projects, which really sparked my interest in academia and research. These included a new way of generating narratives with ever increasing levels of detail and an innovative way of collecting and distributing academic news feeds - head over to my gallery to take a look.

Outside of work I enjoy listening to music, especially classic rock, as well as playing and running classic table-top games with the Southampton University Games Society. I also play 'cello in the university string orchestra, SUStrings.